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Art by Jackson Epstein

Investment Product and Service Launches

DPL introduces new asset allocation option for RIAs; Vanguard expands target retirement lineup for youngest retirement investors; State Street Global Advisors enhances ESG portfolio construction; and more.

Learned Lessons and Market Musings From CIO Bob Doll

The Crossmark investment leader expects 2022 to be more challenging for investors, as central banks unwind supportive policies in response to the ongoing economic recovery and macroeconomic conditions drive higher inflation.
Art by Jackson Epstein

Investment Product and Service Launches

BNY Mellon Investment Management launches active sustainable ETFs; Northern Trust partners with Accelex on alternative asset data; Ninety One rolls out international franchise fund; and more.

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An ESG Framework Here to Stay?

The DOL’s proposed rule on ESG investing supports broader use of green options in retirement plans and removes barriers put in place by the prior administration.
Art by Jackson Epstein

Investment Product and Service Launches

AllianceBernstein expands lifetime income strategy platform; Voya expands suite of target-date solutions; Vanguard Personal Advisor Services introduces five-fund active equity offer; and more.

J.P. Morgan: Doing Well and Doing Good Are Compatible

Historically, investors tended to consider ESG factors either to increase risk-adjusted returns (doing well) or to achieve sustainable outcomes (doing good). A new analysis suggests there is no meaningful trade-off between the two when investing in public markets.

Op-Ed: ERISA Prudence Demands Healthy ESG Skepticism

Neal Shikes agrees that ESG factors can be an important part of institutional investors’ methodologies, but he also says retirement plan fiduciaries should be skeptical of some claims about what todays’ ESG investments can actually deliver when it comes to confronting climate change.

Could This Be a DOL ESG Framework That’s Here to Stay?

In addition to the important practical takeaways of the DOL’s proposed rule on ESG investing and proxy voting, sources say the potential impact and what the department is signaling with the proposal are enormous.

The Bond ‘Misclassification’ Debate

Accusations about overblown bond ratings, by Morningstar, still need to be proved, advisers say. But, if true, this could affect investor capital flows and the amount of risk that bond investors take.