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Pensionmark CEO on World Insurance Acquisition Mechanics

According to Pensionmark CEO Troy Hammond, the advisory network’s acquisition by World Insurance Associates is structured to allow its advisers to maintain ownership of their business but also to become owners of a bigger entity.

An SEC Regulatory Status Report

One expert attorney who works on Securities and Exchange Commission compliance issues says the regulator is feeling a growing sense of pressure to advance the Biden administration’s ambitious agenda as quickly as possible.  

Art by Mar Hernández

The Virtual Reality

Most plans offer digital access, yet participant engagement lags—what can advisers do?

When Robo Advisers Struggle to Scale

While automated client service now plays a key role for many advisory firms, investors who accumulate substantial assets will always want and need a human adviser, especially when markets are volatile.

A Q&A With New CFP Board Chair Kamila Elliott

One of her goals for 2022 is to advance the CFP Board’s Future of Financial Planning program, which aims to make high school students more aware of the financial services profession.