Gallagher Joins Advisor Group Network

Gallagher joins Advisor Group through its affiliation with network partner Triad Advisors.

Advisor Group Inc. has announced the addition of Gallagher’s Retirement Plan Consulting Practice to its affiliation platform, bringing over more than 90 new advisers and some 50 support staff.

Gallagher joins Advisor Group through its affiliation with network partner Triad Advisors, a network of firms that also includes FSC Securities, Royal Alliance Associates Inc., SagePoint Financial, Securities America and Woodbury Financial Services.

According to the firm’s leadership, Gallagher’s advisers work with a consulting model that combines small firm flexibility with the scalability and depth of a large organization. Kristen Kimmell, Advisor Group executive vice president of business development, says this characteristic made Gallagher and Triad “like-minded and natural partners for delivering holistic financial wellbeing solutions to clients.”

Kimmell observes that autonomy was a key factor in Gallagher’s decision to consolidate most of its major business lines, including the more than 2,000 retirement plans. we oversee. Moving forward, a hybrid model will be put into place that sees Gallagher Fiduciary Advisors LLC serve as the entity’s registered investment adviser while Triad Advisors serves as the broker/dealer.

Kimmell says Advisor Group aims to continue to build on what she calls a unique position in the advisory and wealth management space.

“With our affiliation model, we have the ability to really listen to independent firms like Gallagher and to understand what their needs,” she says. “We can respond directly to their unique needs. As a firm owner, you don’t need to change your practice to fit into our network and platform. We look across our platform and determine what the right fit is for you.”