New OneAmerica Platform Improves Plan Management

OneAmerica has launched its OneSolution platform, a collection of tools and services for employers to better manage their retirement plans and increase plan participation.

“This collection of services not only makes it easier and more cost effective for employers to manage their retirement plans but also encourages participation by employees and helps them become retirement ready,” says Bill Yoerger, president, retirement services for the companies of OneAmerica, based in Indianapolis.

The OneSolution platform contains the following service packages:

  • OneSuite, which provides support for plan fiduciaries and a full spectrum of investments with no variable proprietary fund requirements;
  • OneForm, which offers complete delegation of day-to-day administration responsibilities to the companies of OneAmerica;
  • OneCheck, which provides plan health progress tools and reports for participants and sponsors; and
  • OneDay is Today, which consists of multimedia education and communication programs for plan participants.

The OneAmerica retirement services team works with the plan sponsor and its financial professional to select the appropriate services from the OneSolution platform and design a retirement plan that works best for the sponsor and its participants. OneAmerica says the platform is flexible and scalable, so the level of product and service support can be adjusted over time as needed.

“Our clients and financial professionals have told us they need strong retirement plans that are cost-efficient yet easy to administer,” says Yoerger. “OneSolution covers all the bases—streamlines plan oversight, offsets expenses and reduces the administrative burden.”

OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc. ( and its companies are providers of retirement plan products and services, as well as individual life insurance, annuities, long-term care solutions and employee benefit plan products.