Lincoln Trust Rebrands as LT Trust

A new name, logo and redesigned website are the former Lincoln Trust’s latest steps in building its retirement business brand.

The former Lincoln Trust Company, newly renamed LT Trust, has rolled out a new logo, brand identity and redesigned its website, The rebrand aims to highlight the firm’s evolution from providing self-directed individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to offering innovative, low-cost retirement plan solutions for small plan clients, aimed at helping all participants achieve retirement readiness.

For years, the name Lincoln Trust was synonymous with alternative assets. The company then acted as a custodian for investors looking to hold real estate and private debt, among other vehicles, in self-directed IRAs.

The firm sold its self-directed IRA division to PENSCO Trust Company in 2012 to ready for expansion in the defined contribution (DC) marketplace. Then came the task of re-educating the adviser community that Lincoln Trust was now in the traditional mutual fund retirement space. LT Trust maintains its ability to hold alternative assets in a 401(k) plan, but the goal is to create a clean break from its legacy IRA business.

The new brand is a logical step that allows the company to put a stake in the ground, delineating its commitment to providing a low-cost retirement platform to all clients, according to Robert H. Beriault, chairman and chief executive of LT Trust.

“Although we have rebranded, our commitment to customers remains the same,” Beriault says. “We will continue to bring the best solutions we can to the retirement plan industry—to encourage transparent, low-cost plans that give participants the greatest chance of retiring with enough income to support their lifestyle.”

LT Trust, formerly Lincoln Trust, based in Denver, provides trust, custodial, recordkeeping and administration services to more than 2,000 employers.