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Tips for Sourcing Diverse Talent in 2022

According to one advisory firm leader who has had success creating a diverse and dynamic team, anyone who says there is a lack of diverse and talented people seeking success in financial services is not making a sufficient effort to find them.

Can the Adviser Industry Make Real DE&I Progress in 2022?

Experts who work on adviser industry diversity, equity and inclusion efforts see reasons for optimism in the New Year, but they are also realistic about the size, scope and deep-seated nature of the challenges they face.

The Year in Top PLANADVISER News

From continued coverage of the CARES Act and government stimulus bills to the machinations surrounding the DOL’s fiduciary regulations, some key topics gained outsized attention from readers this year.

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Office Space in 2022: Flexibility Is Key

When most advisers transitioned to fully remote offices in spring 2020, few imagined they’d still be working on how (and whether) to bring staff back two years later.

Joe DeNoyior

On his move to management at Hub and his thoughts about industry trends.
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A Workforce in Flux

Adviser and client retention strategies in light of The Great Resignation.
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The 2022 M&A Outlook: Bumper or Bust?

Experts foresee strong interest in retirement industry merger and acquisition deals continuing next year, but firms may have more difficulty securing top talent as the number of transactions mounts.

On Our 15th Year

Our mission to help you—and us, too—better understand the issues you face, and give you strategies to help resolve them, continues.

Kathleen Kelly

On Marsh McLennan acquiring Compass Financial Partners.