Gemini Launches Account Platform

An account platform from Gemini Alternative Funds LLC, a subsidiary of Northstar Financial Services Group, provides investment advisers with centralized access to alternative investments.

The platform is designed to offer risk monitoring, asset distribution, fund structuring, liquidity enhancement, and uniform operational setup services from a single source, according to a statement from the firm.

By obtaining these services from one platform, alternative fund managers can help protect themselves from complex investment activities and increase operating efficiency and accuracy, the firm says.

“With investors increasingly turning to alternative strategies, more alternative managers are joining managed account platforms to obtain access to the high-level portfolio and risk management services investors have come to expect,” says Andrew Rogers, CEO of Gemini.

Gemini performs due diligence on all funds and managers participating on the platform. The platform’s customizable portfolio and risk management technology strives to provide near real-time data and allows managers to obtain daily asset valuations and liquidity assessments.

Advisers can use the platform to select their own prime brokers, future commission merchants and administrators. The firm says its platform also helps mitigate the counter-party risk associated with having a single institution overseeing all aspects of fund management.

For more information about Gemini’s alternatives platform is available by calling 312-985-0401 and at