Planning Guides Available from IFEBP

Two updated employee retirement planning guides from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) offer retirement plan participants help with timing retirement and managing pension benefits.

In “Ready or Not: Your Retirement Planning Guide, 41st Edition,” the nonprofit research and advocacy group offers workers practical guidance about choices concerning when, where and how to retire most effectively. Besides encouraging workers to save, the guide offers discussion about financial and legal issues, as well as the medical and psychological questions surrounding retirement readiness. 

Early chapters explore saving for retirement, retirement benefits, estate planning, health insurance and the use of credit. Later content focuses on topics such as becoming a grandparent, and what to do with increased free time that may become available in retirement.

In “Your Pension and Your Spouse – The Joint and Survivor Dilemma, Seventh Edition,” the IFEBP discusses a step-by-step process for deciding between a regular pension and a joint and survivor pension. Income and expense worksheets will help the reader evaluate how much money is needed for retirement. Tables of life expectancy and the lump-sum values of a regular pension are also included to help with the decisionmaking process.

The publications cost $19.95 and $16, respectively, with discounted rates available for IFEBP members.