Pershing Enhances “Advisor in Transition” Tool

Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, announced upgrades to its Advisor in Transition practice management program. 

The program allows advisers to analyze five types of business models: form a registered investment adviser (RIA) or join an RIA; form a broker/dealer or join a broker/dealer; or create a hybrid RIA-broker/dealer solution.   

The program enhancements include: 

  • Real-time firm matching – Advisers can identify firms that are potential matches for their needs.  Provides immediate online matching results, consisting of Pershing-affiliated firms. Advisers can apply their own filters to narrow or broaden their firm list, and have the option to contact their matches directly from the site or choose to have select firms contact them.  
  • “Does It Pay to Switch?” calculator – This segment looks at the economics of advisers moving their business or launching their own firm. The calculator helps advisers analyze the costs of operating under different affiliation models.  It explores overhead comparisons and various compensation models, in addition to important issues such as the cost of legal services and office space.   
  • Interactive business model comparison chart – This resource is a side-by-side comparison of various affiliation models, including a range of features such as payout, product access, marketing, technology, compliance, and more. 
  • Insight and guidance about the transition process – The Advisor in Transition site features success stories, robust content for advisers making a move and access to leading industry experts who are available to answer questions on topics ranging from starting a business to compliance and marketing.