Client Service

The Many Worries of Generation X

Far and away the most financially stressed generation of U.S. investors, Gen X is clearly a good target for advice. 

Defaulted Retirement Plan Investors Still Need Coaching

Target-date funds and other QDIAs are often thought of as set-it and forget-it investments, but new data from J.P. Morgan Asset Management highlights the need for ongoing guidance and education among DC plan participants.

Risk Reminders for a Volatile Period

Managing director of AB’s alternatives and multi-asset arm offers helpful reminders amid rocky markets—most notably, that volatility is normal and actually a key source of opportunity.

New Legislation Provides Opportunities for Church Plans

While the ability to implement auto enrollment will provide an immediate opportunity for church plan sponsors to improve participant outcomes, other parts of recently passed legislation also warrant review.

Retirement Plan Industry Could Use a Little Zen

The defined contribution retirement planning industry always seems to be struggling for balance, observes Josh Cohen, a 20-plus year industry veteran currently running DC business for Russell Investments. 

State of the Union Underscores Health-Retirement Link

President Obama’s speech to the nation on Tuesday focused more on health care than retirement benefits—neither was a major discussion point—but there was still plenty of food for thought for the DC investment industry.

Pension Risk Transfer Advisers Needed in 2016

As 2015 is an indication, pension risk transfer activity shows no signs of slowing, so plan sponsors will need help—from "cleaning up" their plans to finding, and then transferring participant dollars to, the right insurer.

Would Providing SARs Really Help Participants?

OMB is asking advisers and retirement industry providers for comments about the necessity of providing Summary Annual Reports to participants, and the burden it might create for industry professionals.