Client Service

Why Plan Sponsors Search for New Advisers

Data from RFP assistance provider InHub reveals why plan sponsors search for new plan advisers, what they ask for, and mistakes advisers make in the RFP process.

Advisers Play Key Role Institutionalizing DC Plans

Teaching defined contribution plan sponsors to manage money more like their pension plan counterparts—and other large institutions known for efficient investing—leads to better outcomes, experts say. 

Advice to Slow Leakage Critical Point in Fiduciary Fight

“A phone consultation, an illustration of lost future value, or an example of net take-home after taxes can effectively dissuade participants from accessing retirement funds prematurely,” according to a new paper from Cerulli Associates.

Global Thinking Can Help U.S. Retirement System in 2016

Hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles and dozens of client meetings across several continents will give a DC industry pro some interesting perspective on cross-border financial planning trends.

Which Clients Are Suited for Roth Conversions?

For some clients there are major potential benefits in converting pre-tax retirement plan accounts to a Roth account. For others it’s a pretty bad idea and can lead to large unexpected tax bills and other challenges.  

Using ACA as Bridge to Retirement Health Coverage

Experts suggest the Affordable Care Act offers options for those seeking early retirement but needing, for obvious reasons, to maintain affordable medical coverage traditionally only found in the workplace.  

Long-Term Care Most Difficult Risk to Manage

Head of insurance solutions at Lincoln Financial Distributors suggests advisers have as much to gain from education around long-term care planning as clients do. 

Creating Individual DBs With State Support

Academic scholar and adviser to the Georgetown Center for Retirement Initiatives shares his ideas for creating state-supported “individual DBs” to bring workplace retirement benefits to more private-sector workers.

Adding Mobile Apps to Your Practice

More plan sponsors are looking to expand their plan’s mobile capabilities. We ask what retirement plan advisers need to know about leveraging mobile tech.

PANC 2015: Controlling the Message

Longevity misconceptions, changing American families and the rise of smartphones are vital factors in burnishing the industry’s image.