Investment Product and Service Launches

WisdomTree launches portfolio and growth solutions; Truelytics and BlackRock partner to bring data and analytics to advisers.

Art by Jackson Epstein

Art by Jackson Epstein

WisdomTree Launches Portfolio and Growth Solutions

WisdomTree Investments Inc., an exchange-traded fund and exchange-traded product sponsor and asset manager, has announced its newest offering, Portfolio and Growth Solutions. Through the service, WisdomTree provides customized portfolio and asset allocation services to support registered investment advisers and independent broker/dealers in building, implementing and managing their client portfolios while providing guidance for advisers to support their business growth.

WisdomTree’s asset-gathering approach has two primary focuses: large distribution networks where advisers use WisdomTree’s model portfolios across their book of business, and customized portfolios that RIAs and IBDs can use to support a majority of their clients.

“Investment advisers are constantly in search of levers to efficiently and thoughtfully scale their services, but are also prioritizing to provide their clients with efficient investment management services, lowered expenses and decreased operational complexities,” says Thomas Skrobe, head of product solutions at WisdomTree.

WisdomTree’s Portfolio and Growth Solutions addresses three primary needs among advisers. First, a team of specialists collaborates with advisers to learn their specific objectives and create model portfolios designed to achieve their goals, which can, in turn, help advisers address their clients’ goals. Second, WisdomTree, through an agreement with Adhesion Wealth, offers advisers rebalancing and trading services for their clients’ model portfolios. Finally, specialists guide and coach advisers through processes focused on sales, marketing, operations and leadership.

The service also enables advisers to prioritize customizable brand practices and fact sheets, investment design of models and efficiencies across implementation, trading and tax transitions.

Truelytics and BlackRock Partner to Bring Data and Analytics to Advisers

Truelytics and BlackRock are partnering to provide a new business intelligence and analytics platform.

Truelytics was developed in response to the challenges financial advisers face when attempting to accurately measure their success, plan for succession and improve their bottom line.

Because many advisers don’t think of themselves as business owners, they often fail to focus on growing their practice’s productivity and efficiency or plan for increasing their valuation for a future merger, acquisition or aggregation, says Jeremi Karnell, Truelytics CEO. The partnership seeks to remove barriers advisers face in understanding the current value of their business and discovering opportunities to grow.

According to the firms, advisers who use Truelytics identify substantial unrealized value within their practice. Truelytics defines unrealized value as potential increases to an independent financial advisory firm’s discounted cash flow valuation as detailed in the solution’s business, client and revenue scorecards.

As part of the partnership, BlackRock plans to roll out two new apps, TruePerformance and TrueMatch.

TruePerformance uses Truelytics’ growing database of more than 30,000 independent financial advisory firms’ books of business to generate over 50 performance indicators related to a firm’s business, client and revenue stability.

TrueMatch supports advisers planning succession or growth through M&A to find potential opportunities.

“By providing Truelytics to targeted RIAs and IARs on a complimentary basis, we’re able to actively help advisers better understand, measure, value and grow their businesses,” says Elizabeth Koehler, managing director and head of BlackRock’s U.S. wealth advisory insights. “Our market leaders will be able to better help advisers identify the best practices that, if adopted, will contribute the most to each adviser’s long-term value. In addition, we can help advisors better manage the succession planning and M&A process.”