Fidelity Offers Roth Calculators for Advisers

With the new Roth Conversion laws set to go in place January 1, Fidelity Investments said it offers an online Roth IRA conversion calculator for its independent registered investment adviser clients and broker/dealer clients of National Financial.

With the online calculator, advisers can walk their clients through a series of questions to help determine if converting to a Roth IRA might be appropriate and then assess whether or not to conduct a full or partial conversion, Fidelity said. Based on the information inputted by the adviser, the calculator can help advisers’ clients decide whether they are likely to benefit from a Roth IRA conversion.

The calculator estimates the potential tax and growth impact of converting full or partial amounts to a Roth IRA versus staying in a traditional IRA or other account type, according to Fidelity. It also estimates lump sum, after-tax value at the initial point of distribution, as well as annual after-tax income generated throughout the distribution period.

The conversion calculator is part of a set of Roth resources Fidelity offers for advisers and brokers, the firm said.

Clients of Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services (IWS) interested in learning more about the Roth conversion resources can contact IWS at 1.800.735.3756 or visit Clients of National Financial should call 1.800.752.7053.