TD Ameritrade Develops Resources for Women

TD Ameritrade has started a professional development program that aims to give women in financial advisory roles the tools they need to effectively market their services to female investors.  

“TD Ameritrade Institutional is an advocate for the advancement of [female] advisers in our industry and through a new initiative we will expand resources by providing practice management expertise, networking and professional development opportunities designed to meet the unique needs of women in financial services,” said Tom Bradley, president, TD Ameritrade Institutional. “We are looking to cultivate current and future generations of [female] advisers through a focused and comprehensive effort to encourage and support their leadership and business development.”

To reach this end, TD Ameritrade plans to sponsor networking and professional development events; work with successful female advisers to create mentoring and coaching programs; and to use the TD Ameritrade Institutional Women’s Advisory Panel as a sounding board for feedback on relevant issues and challenges facing female advisers and investors.   

TD Ameritrade developed this initiative after a survey conducted in 2010 found more women (56%) want professional investment guidance than men (46%) (see “Americans Need Financial Help, Report Lagging on Retirement Savings“).