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Split Perspectives on Supreme Court’s New Ruling

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs in Hughes v. Northwestern University say the Supreme Court’s ruling strengthens fiduciary protections for retirement plan investors, while those attorneys who more often serve ERISA class action defendants foresee a more muted impact.

Natixis ERISA Lawsuit Clears Early Dismissal

Like the many other ERISA lawsuits filed against large financial service providers, the complaint alleges that the defendants failed to administer the plan in the best interest of participants and failed to employ a prudent process.

Northwestern University Supreme Court Argument Analysis

Two expert attorneys who listened to this week’s oral arguments in Hughes v. Northwestern University say they would “rather be in Northwestern University’s shoes” than those of the plaintiffs, but the outcome of the potentially highly important case won’t be known for some months.

Legislative and Judicial Actions

The SEC returns to cybersecurity enforcement pledge; Form 5500 revisions; revenue-sharing disclosure failures result in SEC action; and more.