Site Helps Investors Improve Planning

Invesco Distributors Inc. unveiled a website that gives advisers a simple step-by-step approach to address the growing complexities of retirement planning with their clients.

The site,, was developed to help advisers take their clients through the planning stages by using an intuitive timeline with access to a variety of tools and relevant information. The information seeks to educate advisers to help investors see what they can do to prepare for retirement, and it helps advisers prepare better for conversations with clients.

Invesco’s motivation to create the site is the fact that people are not ready for retirement, according to Terry Kelly, director of retirement sales at Invesco. “They don’t know what they need to save,” Kelly told PLANADVISER, “and they don’t know about the distribution phase.”

The site aggregates information that advisers may have had to collect from three or four different sites previously, Kelly points out. “The site has so much information that it’s a single place where an adviser can find everything he needs.”

Being underprepared for retirement is a hot topic, Kelly said: “And educating people is the first step in getting them prepared and working with an adviser on retirement.”

“This new website brings together a wealth of meaningful information that really helps advisers work with clients to understand and literally see all the factors involved with developing a sensible and effective retirement plan,” Kelly said. “As surveys continue to reveal the concern of both employees and employers about retirement readiness, we believe our website now offers advisers and investors one of the most timely, user-friendly resources for retirement planning in the industry.”


Invesco’s intention is to streamline the multiple and complex steps of retirement planning in order to create a more effective client-adviser relationship. The process of planning can be made more manageable for investors by helping them to identify variables unique to their age group, starting with those in their 20s and addressing all age groups up to and including retirement age.

The site also helps investors take an active intentional approach to retirement readiness and work closely with their financial advisers throughout the process.

Features of the website include:

A step-by-step presentation of the strategies, variables and decisions that affect retirement savings;  

A retirement planning timeline that enables investors to determine where they are in the process and access the resources and tools they need at their particular stage;

Graphics to help investors more clearly understand abstract concepts;

Twenty-three calculators to help advisers and investors personalize the planning process; and

A “next steps” call to action for each section that lists actionable items with links to resources and tools.

 “This is an important addition to the tools we provide our advisers to support their practice and another step in our commitment to deepen our partnership with them,” said Brian Lee, national sales director for the Independent Adviser Division.

Invesco Distributors is the U.S. distributor for Invesco Ltd.’s retail mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and institutional money market funds.

More information is at Invesco’s site.