RidgeWorth Produces Podcasts for Advisers

RidgeWorth Investments is introducing five monthly podcasts that will offer asset class updates and information for investment professionals. 

RidgeWorth said the podcasts are interviews with industry experts. The topics include:

  • “The Fixed Income Market 5,” with Jim Keegan, CEO and CIO, Seix Investment Advisors
  • “The Equity Market 5,” with Don Wordell, mid-cap portfolio manager for Ceredex Value Advisors
  • “The Style Class Focus 5,” which provides an update on the market environment for a different style class each month
  • “The Plan Advisor Tools 5,” which provides information that’s pertinent to retirement plan advisers
  • The “RidgeWorth Commute” combines all four podcasts into one

RidgeWorth has made the podcasts available on its Web site (where the transcripts can be downloaded as well), as RSS feeds, or on iTunes. RidgeWorth is planning to produce the podcasts in the first half of every month to review the current market environment.