Revzon Unveils 401(k) for Small-Company RIAs

The EZ K Plan from Revzon Consulting Group is a full- service, one-stop 401(k) plan package that lets registered investment advisers meet the needs of small-company clients.

The plan is designed for companies with up to 100 employees looking to incorporate a full-service 401(k) plan. Employers with existing plans that want to lower out-of-pocket costs without sacrificing services and fund choices may also find it attractive. The fund menu gives access to retirement shares offered by more than 100 fund families. Registered investment advisers (RIAs) can offer it as an alternative to Internet-only 401(k) solutions while earning compensation from funds.

EZ K Plan features include adviser guidance and education, simplified administration, professional compliance services, specialized reports, and Web capability, attributes the firm says rival those in the 401(k) plans of larger plan sponsors, minus the costs and workload.

Revzon Consulting Group, in Marshfield, Massachusetts, is a consulting firm that provides trust and retirement services.

More details about the EZ K Plan are at Revzon’s website. RIAs can email Joseph Cantin, senior vice president of qualified plan sales at Revzon Consulting, to learn more.