RetireUp Adds to Annuity Capabilities Through Allianz Life

Users of the web-based retirement planning platform RetireUp are now able to model and illustrate fixed-income annuities from Allianz Life Insurance Company directly within client retirement income models. 

RetireUp, the web-based platform that allows financial advisers to create and run detailed retirement scenarios in real time, announced that it is now able to illustrate fixed index annuities (FIAs) from Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, including Allianz 222 and Allianz Core Income, directly within client retirement income models.

“We are working together with Allianz Life to combine the power of Allianz FIAs with the most innovative retirement income modeling tools in the market,” says RetireUp CEO Dan Santner. “RetireUp is always looking for ways to help advisers provide additional value to their clients in the critical area of retirement income distribution planning. Enabling them to create scenarios that include specific annuity solutions is an enormous advantage.”

RetireUp says its platform “transforms client conversations into the centerpiece of the retirement income story … with compelling discussions around the full picture of defined income from Social Security, variable annuities, fixed index annuities, pensions and other assets.” The easy-to use, computer-based modeling system “allows financial professionals to present a more complete visual presentation of their clients’ retirement income strategies using a range of financial products.”

The firm goes on to argue solutions like RetireUp are one potential response to the ongoing robo-adviser trend. “In a market that is seeing increased competition from robo-advisers, this integrated solution offers registered representatives and registered investment advisers a way to enhance relationships with clients by offering essential consultation and guidance,” Santner concludes.

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