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New York Trial Court Endorses Fiduciary Standard for Insurance Sales

New York’s expanded “best interest” standard took effect on August 1st for annuity contracts and will take effect February 1, 2020, for life insurance policies. In a new decision, the New York Supreme Court calls the expansion “a rational and reasonable movement towards consumer protection.”

Annuities Are Potentially More Useful Today Than Ever

Anxiety about turning DC plan assets into a “lifetime retirement paycheck” in such a low-rate environment is keeping aging Americans in the workforce—including many who very likely have enough money saved to retire comfortably and don’t want to keep working.

New DIETRICH Practice Aims to Provide Annuities to DC Plans

“ANNUA is challenging the status quo around retirement savings by helping pioneer lifetime income features within 401(k)/403(b) plans at a time when participants are experiencing insufficient account balances and disappearing pensions,” the firm says.