Pershing Previews Next-Gen App for Advisers

Pershing allowed a peek at mobile solution NetX360 iPad and iPhone apps at the INSITE conference in Hollywood, Florida.

Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, said the new version features a redesigned “sleek” user interface and varied features designed to bolster advisers’ efficiency and productivity.

The design is being billed as enabling users to leverage such native device features as multi-touch gesture controls, the iPad and iPhone’s built-in cameras and location services, and access the web-development capabilities of HTML5. Other features include:

A “simplified look and feel, with an intuitive, tile-like design” and greater advantage of iPad and iPhone touch capabilities;

Integrated collaboration and self-service tools, including an “adviser meeting mode” to facilitate information sharing with investors, the loading of portfolios, and device-to-device discussions;

Push notifications to allow advisers to stay up to date with accounts.

The app is scheduled to launch later this year for the iPhone and iPad, followed by versions for Android and Microsoft. INSITE 2013 attendees were given the chance to try the new app and provide feedback.

Pershing Chief Investment Officer Ram Nagappan said the company took “an in-depth look” at how advisers and investors actually use mobile technology. “The latest version of the NetX360 mobile app takes full advantage of the native features of the iPad and iPhone while incorporating the best of Web-based applications,” he added.