OppenheimerFunds Unveils Retirement Tools for Advisers, Sponsors

OppenheimerFunds Retirement Services announced business-building tools for advisers, as well as new tools for plan sponsors to communicate about target-date funds and increase participation rates.

To help financial advisers build business and retain existing assets, OppenheimerFunds said it launched the OppenheimerFunds Retirement Business Calendar and Resume Developer (CARD). The CARD includes a business resume template that highlights an adviser’s professional experience; a retirement plan service and mission statement that details many common components of a plan review process; and a customizable annual services calendar, which provides a schedule of services offered to the plan sponsor by the financial adviser.

Tools for Plan Sponsors

Oppenheimer also launched tools for plan sponsors and participants, including targeted communications for its Navigator asset allocation program available on the Pinnacle and Record(k)eeper Pro platforms. Navigator helps participants choose a targeted investment mix based on their risk tolerance and the number of years until retirement, according to the firm.

Oppenheimer said the personalized communications educate the sponsor about Navigator and encourage participants to use the Navigator program to simplify investment selections and automatically rebalance participants’ portfolios. “People have a greater likelihood of engaging in the retirement process if educational materials are personalized and targeted to their specific needs,” said Gayle Leavitt, vice president, OppenheimerFunds Retirement Services.

OppenheimerFunds Retirement Services also introduced a new guide targeted to plan sponsors to help them increase participation rates. The guide, titled “Your Plan’s Participation Rate—Four Steps to Make Your Plan More Effective,” features steps to help plan sponsors execute a course of action to increase participation rates, according to the firm.