OMYEN Upgrades Social Security Tool

Financial planning technology provider OMYEN Corp. recently upgraded its Social Security Maximizer software and will provide free training on maximizing benefit payments from the federal program.

The upgrades bring several new functionalities to the maximizer software, including more robust Social Security planning capabilities for divorced or widowed beneficiaries. The upgraded maximizer can also support planning efforts for those expecting to draw Social Security benefits while taking care of children or other dependents.

The tool’s planning process has been streamlined to allow financial advisers to more easily add or select a client within the system, OMYEN explains. This should benefit thousands of financial advisers and clients already using the free Social Security Maximizer software, which debuted earlier this year (see “OMYEN Releases Social Security Software”).

In another upgrade, the Social Security Maximizer is being integrated into the firm’s comprehensive Wealth Planner system, used by financial advisers, which will allow clients’ finalized Social Security plan to be merged with the overall retirement income picture.

Financial advisers interested in using OMYEN’s Social Security Maximizer tool can sign up for free here.