New Web Site Offering Individualized Advice for 401(k)s

The site will help individuals and small businesses manage their of 401(k) retirement investment decisions.

The team is led by Albert P. Herzog, III, an independent registered investment adviser (RIA), co-Founder of 401K GPS, and President and co-founder of Fortunatus Investments and its Protactical Investment Management process.

“Through the 401K GPS proprietary Protactical process, our investment team assesses and monitors each client’s 401(k) strategy daily, to ultimately prosper in up markets and protect investments in downturns,” said Herzog.

Users of 401K GPS will receive direction according to the Protactical Investment Management process, which follows a quarterly approach to anticipate favorable investment opportunities and market up-trends with the flexibility to provide intra-quarter downside protection. The process has been used by Fortunatus Investments for more than a decade.

“We established 401K GPS after we saw so many people take incredible losses in the past three market downturns due to mismanagement of their 401K portfolio,” said Adam Kulesza, Co- Founder and Investment Strategist for 401K GPS. “People were forced to alter or delay their retirement dreams because they did not actively monitor the investment in their company sponsored plan. We are here to provide the bridge that results in successful 401(k) retirement planning.”

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