New Risk Analytics Capabilities from Wilshire Omnia Platform

The new Omnia Platform delivers advanced multi-asset class analytics via a centrally-hosted database delivered through a standard web browser.

Wilshire Associates says its new Omnia platform incorporates advanced multi-asset class analytics, and an intuitive user experience meant to streamline the investment decision process with a flexible and scalable platform.

The solution offers security-level risk characteristics and reporting for more than 3 million securities and is designed to help clients maximize returns and mitigate risk, according to Wilshire. Cecilia Loo, president of Wilshire Analytics, adds the solution will help investors “monitor multiple factors with a robust set of analytics that can be accessed quickly, securely and in user-friendly formats that enhance workflow needs.”

Wilshire Omnia is centrally-hosted and delivered through a standard web browser. It can be accessed on a PC or any web-enabled mobile device, the firm explains, and the platform’s “tiered architecture” allows for “maximum flexibility and superior security features.”

Additional characteristics of Wilshire Omnia include “multi-asset class coverage of global equities and fixed income, as well as commodities, derivatives, FX products, alternatives, and constituent-level drill-down for mutual funds and ETFs; transaction-based, holdings-based or flow-based global performance measurement capabilities; integrated industry-recognized factor models that measure portfolio performance and risk (in absolute terms or versus a benchmark); global factor risk decomposition for cross-asset portfolios and funds; and multi-portfolio views for C-level reporting tools and easy comparison across different portfolio managers.”

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