Nationwide Platform Adds Managed Accounts

Stadion Money Management has added a 401(k) managed account solution to Nationwide’s RIA Managed Accounts Services Platform.

Stadion uses exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as the primary underlying investment vehicles in the risk-based managed account solution developed for Nationwide. According to a statement from Stadion, ETFs are well suited for the firm’s tactical asset allocation strategy because of the vast market segments available to invest in, as well as improved transparency and liquidity compared to mutual funds.

“The unfortunate but inescapable conclusion is that the majority of American retirement savers are way behind where they should be in terms of readiness, either because of lack of time, lack of investing knowledge or both,” says Tim McCabe, senior vice president and national sales director for Stadion’s Retirement Solutions. “The significance of a platform like Nationwide’s is its utility in helping navigate the most frequently-cited retirement investing obstacles.”

Nationwide’s Managed Accounts Platform helps 401(k) retirement plan participants identify someone to make investment decisions for them by providing professional money management and discretionary investment advice, and asset allocation strategies customized to meet their needs. Similarly, the platform helps plan sponsors by providing an added layer of fiduciary protection and gives their participants a time- and cost-efficient means of retirement investing.

“Even with last year’s market gains, many American workers are uncomfortable making investment decisions alone,” says Joe Frustaglio, vice president of Retirement Plan Sales for Nationwide Financial. “The managed account providers available on our third party investment adviser platform enable small business owners to offer their employees personalized investment advice.”

Stadion Money Management joins Clarke Lanzen Skalla Investment Firm, Hanlon Investment Management, Meeder Advisory Services, Nationwide Investment Advisors, and Portfolio Strategies on Nationwide’s managed accounts platform.

More information about Stadion Money Management can be found here.