Mercer Launches Retirement Education Website

Mercer has launched an online retirement planning and education program for 401(k) plan participants to better prepare them for their financial future.

The website, “Uncover the Numbers,” uses a theme of numbers related to retirement and offers game-like interactivity to engage participants while also delivering information about retirement planning. The site features a tile-based design modeled after social and consumer websites, and allows for easy sharing of information with others. It also allows users to group content by career stage or by investing topic.

The Uncover the Numbers site addresses findings from the recent Mercer Workplace Survey, which revealed that employees are worried about being financially ready for retirement, are considering delaying retirement in record numbers and agree that saving for retirement is their personal responsibility (see “Older Employees Delaying Retirement”).

“The survey results tell us that after enduring the struggles and frustrations of a weak economy, employees want to become better prepared for their financial future,” said Dave Tolve, retirement business leader for Mercer’s U.S. Outsourcing Business. “Unfortunately, many lack the knowledge and confidence to take the appropriate steps to achieve this goal. In fact, a record 44% are considering delaying retirement, a clear sign that employees do not feel their saving strategy is on track. Uncover the Numbers was carefully designed to make retirement planning more approachable, understandable, and actionable.”

Users of the site begin by clicking on one of the prominent numbers displayed on the homepage. Then a short clue about the number’s meaning for retirement savers is shown, which leads to a complete answer along with more related educational content such as videos, calculators, and infographics.

“Numbers are an important part of the retirement planning process, whether it’s estimating how much you may need to save or understanding the impact of health care costs on your retirement expenses,” said Suzanne Nolan, marketing and communications leader for Mercer’s U.S. Outsourcing Business. “We wanted to create an educational program that demystifies these numbers, offers exciting technology to enhance the learning experience, and allows for instant customization by bringing the most relevant information to the forefront.”

The site is designed to be viewed on multiple platforms such as smart phones, tablets or desktop. More information about the site can be found here.