John Hancock Unveils Program to Help Show Value

A program designed to help retirement plan advisers demonstrate their value and build stronger client relationships was launched by John Hancock Funds.


“Focus on Value: What Matters Most to Your Clients – and How to Build on It,” includes a guidebook, wholesaler PowerPoint, and plan sponsor toolkit.

The guidebook includes five key findings from a research study in which plan sponsors offered observations about what retirement plan advisers bring to their plans including: superior retirement outcomes for participants, superior fiduciary expertise and improved compliance, improved plan design, advanced investment plan, and more reasonable fees and overall plan costs. It also offers corresponding practice management tips for advisers.

“New Department of Labor (DOL) regulations this year require retirement plan service providers to reveal investment expenses and fees to plan sponsors. The right adviser can help monitor and review fees to ensure compliance,” said Gene Huxhold, senior managing director, Investment Only Retirement Plans. “Our materials illuminate insights and provide steps to boost the specific values that plan sponsors recognize and appreciate most about service the retirement plan advisers provide.”

Formatted for iPad delivery, the wholesaler PowerPoint is a client-facing presentation that mirrors the guidebook, while the plan sponsor toolkit offers a comprehensive approach to evaluating a new or existing financial adviser for a company’s retirement plan.

The program is available here.