Jefferson National Teams with LifeYield to Create Adviser Tool

A new asset location tool can help advisers enhance after-tax outcomes for their clients.

Jefferson National has selected LifeYield, a creator of financial software, to power a new asset location tool that will help registered investment advisers (RIAs) and fee-based advisers enhance after-tax outcomes for their clients. Now under development, the tool is slated to launch in early 2016.

The use of LifeYield’s software in the proprietary tool will allow advisers to identify the optimal location for assets based on tax efficiency to maximize the tax advantages of Jefferson National’s Monument Advisor, a flat-fee, investment only variable annuity (IOVA). According to Morningstar research, optimal asset location can add 100 to 200 basis points per year in incremental after-tax returns—without increasing risk.

Laurence Greenberg, president of Jefferson National, cited LifeYield for its pioneering tax-smart investing solutions. The tool’s aim is to create real, quantifiable value for RIAs and fee-based advisers, Greenberg said in a statement.

Mark Hoffman, chief executive of LifeYield, said the tool can be of real value for advisers in improving client outcomes while also expanding adviser assets under management.

More information about Jefferson National is on their website.