Investment Software Addresses Fiduciary Liability

New software from The E‐Valuator LLC provides Web‐based investment management support to mitigate fiduciary liability through customizable risk tolerance and reporting settings.

The new E‐Valuator tool helps advisers structure and manage investment portfolios that factor in clients’ unique preferences on portfolio risk and duration of under-performance.

The tool can be customized for a range of clients, including individual investors, foundations, retirement plan investment committees and endowments, the firm says. Advisers can choose multiple time frames (one year through 10 years) for investment analytics.

Another component of the tool determines the parameters of acceptable and unacceptable tolerance standards, and then documents these standards into the investment policy automatically. The E‐Valuator’s automated delivery emails client reports monthly, quarterly, semi‐annually or annually.

Morningstar Inc. provides the mutual fund and exchange‐traded fund (ETF) data that powers the E‐Valuator, giving advisers access to more than 35 data points—including Modern Portfolio Theory data points, expense ratio information, 12b‐1 fees and more—for investment screening. In addition, The E‐Valuator’s reports seek to organize data into highly visual and comprehensible reports.

More information about the software is available at www.e‐ or by calling 855‐870‐EVAL.