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The Bond ‘Misclassification’ Debate

Accusations about overblown bond ratings, by Morningstar, still need to be proved, advisers say. But, if true, this could affect investor capital flows and the amount of risk that bond investors take.
Art by Jackson Epstein

Investment Product and Service Launches

SEI launches asset allocation-based models as part of ETF strategies; Vanguard adds active equity funds to Personal Advisor Services solution; and John Hancock introduces mortgage-backed securities ETF.

ICI Asks Governors to Consider Shelter-in-Place Exemption for Mutual Funds

“Many states are home to headquarters or critical operations for numerous mutual fund sponsors where Americans have entrusted their savings to meet a wide range of financial goals. Those mutual fund companies must remain in operation to ensure access to invested monies for shareholders across the country,” ICI's president wrote in a letter.