InHub Introduces Fully Digital RFP

A new online portal from InHub LLC, a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered online investment adviser, helps fiduciaries quickly develop and circulate requests for proposals (RFPs).

InHub, based in Chicago, says its new “eRFP” technology is designed to help institutional investors and investment advisers navigate the lengthy RFP process with prudence and ease. Fiduciaries use the program to invite qualified adviser candidates to respond to their eRFP by searching InHub’s exclusive online community of vetted, institutionally focused advisers.

A list of recommended RFP questions is also provided, saving fiduciaries significant time.

The eRFP tool can also be used by investment committees of foundations, endowments and retirement plans to find qualified investment advisers, evaluate proposals online, select a winning adviser and document the entire process. InHub’s proprietary technology offers an efficient step-by-step process with an intuitive interface, varying levels of customization and committee collaboration. The system is tablet friendly.

“With our new eRFP technology we aim to modernize the current, archaic request for proposal process,” explain Kent Costello and Ariana Amplo, co-founders of InHub, which was launched in 2013. “Our goal is to help fiduciaries find specialist advisers while providing a system for a streamlined due diligence process.”

Qualified investment advisers are vetted prior to joining the online network to ensure their focus on the institutional investor space. Advisers only pay a referral fee to InHub after they are hired, with no upfront cost to be on the platform or participate in an RFP process.

Intersted parties can contact to learn more about conducting an eRFP or to apply to InHub’s exclusive adviser network. More information is also available at

A demo can also be requested here.