ING Unveils National Retirement Week Campaign


ING U.S.’s retirement business launched a multimedia education campaign to coincide with National Save for Retirement Week.




The theme of the campaign is “Get in the Game,” and it uses a game board illustrating the steps that can be taken in the retirement planning journey to engage and motivate individuals of all ages about the importance of a well-thought-out path for the future.   

The campaign is designed to:  

  • Generate interest among nonparticipants about the potential of their employer-sponsored plan; 
  • Encourage active participants to evaluate their current savings strategy and make positive changes within their account; 
  • Motivate employees to work with a financial professional and leverage the valuable guidance they can offer; and 
  • Drive individuals to utilize online, personalized tools that can inform, engage and inspire positive savings action.  

A video included as part of the campaign is at