IFEBP Offers Materials for Employee Benefits Day

The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) will recognize the importance of financial wellness and retirement security on the 10th annual National Employee Benefits Day, April 2.

IFEBP is helping retirement plan sponsors motivate participants to actively engage in their financial wellness by offering a number of resources designed to cut through the clutter and provide simple tools sponsors can use to help participants take control of their retirement future.

Materials available to IFEBP members and the public include:

  • Budgeting Tools;
  • Picture Your Retirement – For those less than 15 years from retirement;
  • Take Control of Your Future – For those more than 15 years from retirement;
  • Fact Sheets on Retirement Plans, Investments and Credit; and
  • Tips for Saving.

 “The 10th annual National Employee Benefits Day will focus on an issue that has become part of the national conversation and is vitally important to our members, their employees and plan participants—financial wellness and retirement security,” says Michael Wilson, CEO for IFEBP. “Having a firm understanding of one’s retirement goals and savings plan to meet those targets is vital to participants’ financial wellness and their ability to control their financial future.”

National Employee Benefits Day was created in 2004 by IFEBP and is celebrated annually each April 2, commemorating the date the International Foundation was established. The day recognizes trustees, administrators, corporate benefits practitioners and professional advisers for their hard work and dedication in providing quality employee benefits. To learn more, visit www.ifebp.org/benefitsday.