Fi360 Enhances Fiduciary Toolkit with Prospecting Feature

The new business-development capability allows advisers to illustrate how certain changes could benefit a prospective client’s portfolio.

Fi360, a provider of fiduciary-focused services, has updated its Fiduciary Focus Toolkit with a prospecting feature which allows advisers to compile comprehensive reporting demonstrating a prospective client’s past with recommended holdings. The update can help advisers illustrate how certain changes may improve investment performance.

Originally released in October 2016, the Toolkit is designed to automate fiduciary-related workflow and oversight in order for advisers and broker dealers to ensure they are remaining compliant with evolving laws. This task will likely be further complicated by the implementation of the industry-shaking fiduciary rule being rolled out by the Department of Labor (DOL).

Features of the Toolkit include an interactive dashboard and investment monitoring capabilities via The Fi360 Fiduciary Score. The solution also allows advisers to develop alerts and criteria for a customizable watch-list. They can also document investment policy statements to streamline reporting. The firm says it also allows the home office to detect whether advisers are adhering to fiduciary standards.

Fi360 notes, “The Toolkit is exclusively fiduciary-focused, allowing financial professionals to easily and efficiently comply with prudent practices and reduce their liability related to fiduciary obligations.”

In light of the Fiduciary Rule’s complexity, several firms such have released tools allowing advisers to leverage technology to remain compliant.

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