Equity Unit Trust Follows Doll’s Outlook

Incapital and Nuveen Asset Management unveiled a new equity unity trust built around Bob Doll’s 2014 market predictions.

Doll, who works as chief equity strategist and senior portfolio manager for Nuveen, has been forecasting the economy for more than 25 years (see “Bob Doll Gazes into Crystal Ball for 2014”). This year he predicts a “grind-higher economy” and a “muddle-through stock market.”

It won’t be a rollercoaster, Doll tells PLANADVISER. Though a correction is likely, investors who continue to “stay conservative” by avoiding the market’s risks are, in fact, doing just the opposite. “There will be some nail-biting ups and downs,” Doll says, “but the market is where you want to be.”

The equity unit trust released by the two firms, called the Nuveen 2014 Equity Outlook Portfolio, brings together 25 equity securities that align well with Doll’s predictions that confidence is returning to U.S. markets, lifting the economy and equities.

Incapital serves as the trust’s underwriter and sponsor, and will offer units to the public through broker/dealers and other financial services firms.

The unit trust has an initial offering price of $10 per unit, with an anticipated offering period ending on or about April 9, 2014. The anticipated termination date of the trust is April 10, 2015.

The portfolio is designed to offer the potential for capital appreciation for investors willing to accept associated equity market risks, according to a statement from the firms. Based on stock selection utilizing Nuveen Asset Management’s equity research platform, the portfolio seeks to capitalize on investment opportunities not fully reflected in today’s stock market valuations.

Further information on the Nuveen 2014 Equity Outlook Portfolio, including securities selection, fees, secondary market and other risk considerations is available on www.incapital.com.