Education is Critical in Equity Compensation Plans

A UBS Survey found that a large majority of equity compensation participants feel strongly that a comprehensive understanding of their plan will help them reach a secure retirement.  

In its Participant Service Survey, UBS found that more than 94% of 9,000 respondents said education was critical for them to fully understand how stock plan assets fit into their overall financial situation. From these findings, UBS concluded that companies and service providers must play an active role in educating participants about their equity compensation benefits.

“Equity compensation plans can be complicated and can represent a considerable concentration of a person’s wealth. Therefore it is key for participants to fully understand how their plan works.” said Jim Hausmann, Managing Director, and Head of Corporate, Institutional and Middle Markets. “When you educate participants about the value of their awards and the role they play in their overall financial situation, plan sponsors maximize the corporate investment in their equity compensation program.”