Diversified Unveils Enhanced Participant Website

Diversified’s newly enhanced website, retire.divinvest.com, aims to improve defined contribution (DC) participant outcomes.

The site is designed to motivate individuals to take action to improve their retirement readiness. The site offers streamlined navigation, more accessible retirement planning tools, and clear and precise retirement-goal tracking.

The site’s home page reminds participants of the “three steps to retirement readiness”—know your outlook, maximize your plan and be retirement ready—with the option to click on each step for further information.

“[E]mployers need to showcase the benefits of their DC plan, and a critical benefit is an online environment devoted to making it easier for participants to take action,” said Patricia Advaney, senior vice president of participant solutions at Diversified.   

The website features:

  • A new home page, which offers “Quick Links” for improved access to tools and resources, a “Funds and Fees” link that shows plan costs, and the ability to connect with other retirement savers through Diversified’s Facebook page;
  • A new resource center that features videos, tools and documents that support retirement planning, as well as news and opinions from The Wall Street Journal;
  • New savings guidance tools, including a redesigned savings calculator that shows participants how improve their retirement outlook by saving more, with the option to implement a suggested savings rate;
  • A revised account overview page that enables participants to continuously track their progress towards a secure retirement; and
  • An enhanced contact page to help participants schedule free one-on-one sessions with Diversified’s retirement planning consultants.

“The only way to save for a more secure retirement is to know where you stand and what steps you need to take to achieve true retirement readiness, all in real time,” Advaney said. “And that’s exactly what our new site is designed to do.”