Cerulli Releases Market Intelligence Platform

Lodestar is an interactive global market intelligence platform that allows users to explore and customize more than 20 years’ worth of Cerulli research data.

Cerulli’s tool contains charts and visual displays that allow users to answer questions by interacting with custom filters. It provides access to data that goes beyond what is available in Cerulli publications, including extended-time periods and historical views, more segmentation, and exclusive data.

Firms can build strategies based on deep, reliable, customized data; analyze specific product and channel opportunities with assumptions that match a firm’s market position; examine Cerulli data through various filters for customized results; access historical trend analyses; and gain access to the most current data.

Subscriptions will include online access for one year; data updated in real-time; analyst support; tablet compatibility; and the ability to export data into Excel, PNG, or PDF formats.

Cerulli is a research firm specializing in asset management and distribution trends.

For more information, email lodestar@cerulli.com or call 617-437-0084.