Adviser Product Partnerships

RetireOne and Pension & Wealth Management Advisors launch income insurance program; Sanctuary Wealth partners with Pontera to expand adviser toolbox; and more.

RetireOne Partners With Pension & Wealth Management Advisors

RetireOne Inc., an independent platform for fee-based insurance solutions, announced the launch of Pension & Wealth Management Advisors Inc.’s portfolio income insurance program.

A contingent deferred annuity, the PWMA portfolio income insurance program is designed for risk-averse clients who might otherwise avoid or reduce allocations to equities. The contingent deferred annuity unbundles insurance protections from underlying investments. This allows PWMA advisers to cover their proprietary models with an income guarantee.

 “If you have a risk averse client, staying in cash may provide peace of mind but it will ultimately disadvantage them over time,” said George Webb, CEO of Pension & Wealth Management Advisors, in a statement. “By setting a floor of income with the CDA, we have an innovative tool for boosting clients’ confidence and getting them out of cash. Further, we can transfer market risk in their portfolios to an insurance company without moving the asset.”

Sanctuary Wealth, Pontera Partner to Expand Adviser Toolbox

Sanctuary Wealth has formed a partnership with Pontera Solutions Inc., enabling Sanctuary Wealth advisers to provide more comprehensive oversight on clients’ retirement assets.

“Over 60% of investors are looking for expert guidance on their held-away retirement accounts, and we are thrilled to partner with Sanctuary Wealth to empower their advisers to fill that void,” said David Goldman, chief business officer at Pontera, in a statement.

Pontera enables Sanctuary Wealth advisers to manage, trade and bill on held away accounts, including 401(k)s and 403(b)s, with a focus on delivering better client retirement outcomes.

“Our partnership with Pontera empowers our advisers to provide 360[-degree] retirement planning services to their clients by giving them a more complete financial picture and the ability to manage the client’s entire portfolio,” said Robert Walter, president of Sanctuary Wealth, in a statement.

Slavic401k and IRALOGIX Partnership Delivers New IRA Solution

Slavic Mutual Funds Management Corp., also known as Slavic401k, a provider of business retirement savings solutions, announced its partnership with iraLogix Inc. to offer new IRA solution.

Clients of Slavic401k will have access to an integrated IRA rollover solution as a complement to their existing 401(k) platform.

“Working with IRALOGIX allows us to go to market with a seamless IRA solution through their proprietary, next-generation platform, strengthening our value proposition for employers seeking an additional retirement savings solution for their employee benefits offering,” said John Slavic, Slavic401k’s founder and CEO, in a statement.

“IRALOGX was founded on the principle that all American workers deserve access to an affordable retirement,” said Pete Littlejohn, IRALOGIX’s co-founder, in a statement. “Our solution is uniquely positioned to deliver high-net-worth-style services and investment options to every IRA accountholder, regardless of account balance.”

Frontier Wealth Strategies First to Offer VeraScore to Clients

VeraScore, an AI application for measuring a consumer’s financial health, is partnering with Frontier Wealth Strategies LP. Frontier will be the first financial organization to offer VeraScore to its client base.

“By promoting financial literacy and empowering people to take control of their financial health, they will be a more compatible match to potential lenders,” said Geff Woodward, VeraScore’s CEO, in a statement. “One of our main goals is to aid the underbanked, making Frontier the perfect partner for us, as they work closely with immigrants, expats, women, and people of color.”

Through VeraScore, Frontier can provide consumers with a financial health score that may increase their chances of more favorable and fair credit offers from lenders.

“We are very excited about our partnership with VeraScore and see it as a strategic move to disrupt the current credit rating system, giving everyone an equal opportunity to obtain access to first-class borrowing and credit solutions,” said Michael Hansen, Frontier’s co-founder and managing partner, in a statement.