WMSI to Offer Private-Label IRAs

Through a partnership with Inspira, a provider of private-labeled IRA solutions, Wealth Management Systems, Inc (WMSI) will expand its product offering to include private-labeled IRA Solutions.

For WMSI, the Inspira partnership will provide clients with the flexibility to create proprietary IRA products that can be marketed to participants directly through WMSI’s existing Rollover Solutions Network (RSN). Clients will have the ability to capture IRA rollover assets in their own IRA product utilizing WMSI’s TPA Network platform and interface with Inspira’s private-label IRA solution. 

WMSI’s alliance with Inspira also provides WMSI clients with a total back-office IRA solution, which includes an IRA Web portal, call center, recordkeeping, and outreach marketing program private-labeled under the client’s brand. Additionally, WMSI clients have the ability to customize their IRA investment program, including creating and managing asset allocation models, all in an open-architecture fund environment.