Wells Fargo Centralizes Client Account Data

Those with retirement plans and health savings accounts (HSAs) offered by Wells Fargo can now track account information in a central online location.

Accessing the Wells Fargo website (wellsfargo.com) will allow these customers review a full picture of their financial assets to help with financial and retirement planning, the firm says. The integrated approach will also let Wells Fargo customers view balances for checking, savings, and credit card accounts, as we as information regarding outstanding loans and insurance. 

“Companies that hire us to provide benefit plan services have embraced this integration with basic accounts, recognizing their employees want to see all this information in one view,” says Joe Ready, director of Wells Fargo Institutional Retirement and Trust, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. “The participant or employee wants a holistic view of his or her financial picture, and that includes their 401(k)-type plan and HSA account.”

Elizabeth Ryan, head of Wells Fargo’s health benefit services, says, “We believe that showing a 401(k) plan and HSA in one place can help people foster healthy savings behaviors. Our data shows Wells Fargo 401(k) participants with a Wells Fargo HSA have a 55% higher average balance than those without. As a planning vehicle for retirement, HSAs are a great complement to customers’ existing strategies because funds in an HSA can be used tax-free for a broad range of everyday and unexpected medical expenses between now and retirement.”

Customers can also access this integrated information via the Wells Fargo Mobile application on their smart phones or tablets.

More information about Wells Fargo HSAs can be found at https://www.wellsfargo.com/hsa. Details about Wells Fargo employee retirement benefits can be found at https://www.wellsfargo.com/com/retirement-employee-benefits/retirement.