TSA Consulting Acquires 403(b) Solutions Program

TSA Consulting Group, Inc., a provider of 403(b) and 457(b) retirement plan administration services, has acquired Security Financial Resources, Inc.’s 403(b) Plan Solutions Program.

Under the terms of an all-cash purchase agreement, TSA Consulting Group acquired the 403(b) Plan Solutions Program effective April 10. The deal adds more than 2,000 public school districts and colleges in 47 states to TSA’s comprehensive Compliance Edge program.

TSA Consulting Group provides retirement plan administration services to public education employers, with deliverables such as plan documents, employer and participant services and recordkeeping, as well as tailored employee communications components and web-based transaction and remittance processing. “Our continued commitment to this market is evidenced by the number of long-term clients that continue to place their trust in our services,” says Joe Rollins, president and CEO of TSA Consulting Group, based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

The company’s clients include large school districts in the United States and represent over one million employees. “We are excited about this opportunity and confident in our systems and capacity to deliver truly independent plan administration services to a greater number of public education employees,” says Steve Banks, TSA Consulting’s chief operations officer.