TRUSTIVO Adds Dalbar’s Verified Expert Status to Network


TRUSTIVO announced it would add the Verified Expert program for advisers from Dalbar to its referral network.



“This designation differentiates advisers in a meaningful way, helping Boomers find an adviser they can trust,” says Louis S. Harvey, Dalbar’s president and chief executive.  

According to Harvey, due diligence including background checks, verification of educational and designation claims and the transparency of their investment process is performed to protect investors. “In addition, we ask the adviser’s clients to evaluate his or her performance, trustworthiness and skill,” he said.

TRUSTIVO’s objective is to connect advisers with people in need of customized retirement strategies, a goal Rad Pasovschi, TRUSTIVO’s chairman and CEO, says will be supported by adding the Dalbar designation. Few people are expert in all areas, such as retirement, taxes, insurance, estate planning, Pasovschi said.

More information is available here and at the Dalbar site.