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Understanding PRT: Fiduciary and Admin Considerations

When transferring pension risk via a full or partial buy-in or buy-out, plan sponsors have a fiduciary obligation to ensure the transaction is implemented in compliance with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

Watching Interest Rates Can Save Clients Money on PRTs

The higher the annuity credited rate (interest rate) for a pension risk transfer (PRT), the more interest an insurer would earn and the less money it needs today in order to guarantee the monthly benefit, but the lower the interest rate, the less interest it would earn and the more money it needs today, explains Mark Unhoch, with October Three.

Checking in With Verizon Pensioners Post Risk Transfer

PLANADVISER interviewed a spokesperson for a large group of Verizon retirees back in 2015, shortly following their defeat in appellate court in a case challenging the merits of pension risk transfers; we catch back up with Jack Cohen to talk shop and ask, how have things been going post annuitization?