Securian GPS Helps Workers Find their Way to Retirement

A new product from Securian Financial Group is designed to help workers plan their retirement years.

Securian’s Retirement GPS eases retirement planning by breaking it into three stages, the company said:

  • Gearing up: The first phase includes the last few years of full-time employment and the first few years of retirement, a period during which, Securian says, people are thinking hard about how to structure their retirement income or make up a shortfall.
  • Taking off: This is the most exciting period of retirement, according to Securian, when people dive into the activities they didn’t have time for when they were fully employed. Though the retirement income strategy has been fully developed, this is the time for adjustments as people establish their retirement lifestyles.
  • Cruise control: Late retirement is when life quiets and medical issues come to the fore. By this time, personal directives are in place, and people make decisions about the inheritance or charitable legacy they will leave and take steps to ensure their heirs receive it intact.

Consumers can order the Retirement GPS guide and find a local Securian adviser who can help them develop a lifetime income strategy, the company said. 

More information is available on the company’s Web site at