Schwab Rolls Out 28 Workflows for Independent Advisers

Charles Schwab made available 28 universal workflows in the Schwab OpenView Workflow Library through Schwab Intelligent Technologies.

In order to help advisers gain efficiency in their business practices the workflows, which are sequences of operations, cover critical aspects of managing a successful investment advisory practice, including lead generation, client onboarding, service requests and business operations.

The workflows complement the customer relationship management (CRM) customized versions currently available and are free to download for advisers who custody assets with Schwab Advisor Services. They are applicable no matter which CRM system an adviser uses, as well as to advisers who do not use a CRM.

Workflows are road maps that guide advisers and their staff along a consistent, efficient route for common office tasks, according to Neesha Hathi, senior vice president of technology solutions for Schwab Advisor Services. “We know that technology by itself isn’t enough to help advisers achieve maximum efficiency and scale,” Hathi said. “It needs to be married with consistent business practices and processes—that’s the role that workflows play.”

The Workflow Library, available on, has an enhanced user interface, which offers an intuitive process to help the adviser select workflows—customized workflow instructions for his specific CRM are downloadable. In addition to the 28 universal workflows, the Workflow Library has five workflows customized for advisers who use Junxure CRM and five workflows for advisers who use Salesforce CRM.

Advisers interested in learning more about the value of workflows in their practice can download the white paper Embedded Workflows: The missing link in your business practice infrastructure.