Sage and July Launch Cash Balance Plan Solution

Sage Advisory Services and July Business Services launched a full-service packaged solution for cash balance plans.

The Web-based service, Cash Balance Complete, introduces institutional cash balance expertise to small and midsized businesses.

“Smaller to midsized companies don’t have access to the institutional experience needed to capitalize on professionally managed cash balance plans,” says Robert Smith, president and chief investment officer (CIO) at Sage. “We developed Cash Balance Complete to bring significant design and cost efficiencies to this market segment, without displacing the trusted advisers that are the core of retail investing.”

Sage has constructed three different collective investment funds (CIFs) with unique risk sets to meet target interest crediting rates. The CIFs also allow businesses to engineer glide paths to de-risk as goals are met.

July is a national service provider that delivers actuarial services, custom plan designs, recordkeeping, administration services, enrollment materials, education and reporting to more than 3,000 clients.