Ridgeworth Investments Offers Mid-Cap Education

RidgeWorth Investments said its new whitepaper highlights how a portfolio with an allocation to mid-caps had a better risk/reward relationship than a portfolio without—over both short and long time periods.
The whitepaper, “Why Mid-Caps?,” reviews historical performance, evaluates current conditions that favor mid-caps, analyzes the performance of mid-caps during market and economic cycles, and details why mid-cap stocks should be an important part of investors’ allocations, according to the firm.

In addition, RidgeWorth has launched a microsite (addmidcap.com) to help advisers demonstrate to their clients how mid-caps have consistently outperformed large-, smid-, and small-caps over the past 30 years. The new site includes an interactive tool that lets the user pick a specific date range to compare mid-caps to other cap sizes, or pick a specific time period (e.g. 10 years) and drag it through the entire 30-year period to see how different cap sizes have done over every specific time period since 1979.