Resource Helps Advisers Deal with Clients’ Job Changes

John Hancock Funds said it designed a section of its Web site to help advisers assist clients who are facing job changes or losses.

Under the “Retirement Planning” tab of the financial adviser site at , advisers will find a resource center with worksheets, sales tools, a client seminar, and brochures, all developed to help clients keep their financial plans on track amid job disruptions due to the recession, John Hancock said in a press release.

“Advisers obviously cannot control the job market, but they can control the quality of their relationships with clients,” said Carey Foran Hoch, senior vice president and head of marketing for John Hancock Funds. “When clients have successfully navigated job shifts and the overall outlook improves, they will remember the financial adviser who went the extra distance for them in a tough time.”

John Hancock said the site offers tips such as ideas for organizing a networking event for “downsized” clients. It also provides a “Know Where You Stand Today” worksheet to help clients gain better control over spending habits and cash flow. A “Retirement Tracker” guide helps clients monitor and manage all their accounts, and reminds them to be aware of their options for rolling over into individual retirement accounts (IRAs).